Saving Money on your IT support bills has never been so easy


2006 has started with a huge call for IT support already. Sphere Computer Group is looking forward to meeting and servicing plenty of new clients this year, our IT support plans and computer maintenance program that we have running will be the foundation for many successful stories this year. Don't forget Easter is only around the corner!

Sphere Computer Group pledges that it will provide all clients that refer new business a 10% discount off their next bill. Products and services included in this offer are manual labor and web hosting. The referral code for this offer is 741. Please make sure new clients quote the referral code and your business name in order to receive the discount.

Sphere's philosophy is that by rewarding our clients they will in turn reward us by means of good word of mouth advertising and referrals for new business. We look forward to continuing our professional computer support service with you and your new referrals.

Have a great year.